Fact Sheets

Fact sheets


Below are fact sheets that provide information and useful tips for your properties in Long Creek.


Dumpsters require simple management practices in order to keep waste contained. Release of solids and liquids intended for disposal doesn’t just ruin aesthetics, it also carries pollutants that can affect organisms living in the water.

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Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are by-products of cooking animal and vegetable based foods. When FOG enters the drainage system, it can congeal resulting in sewer backups in your basement, sinks, or toilets. It can also be harmful to the environment and costly to remove from sewer and stormwater systems. 

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Spill Prevention, Control and Reporting

Petroleum products and chemicals can be a source of water quality impairment to Long Creek.  The good news is that preventing spills from occurring is much easier than cleaning up and reporting spills after they have occurred. It is the responsibility of Participating Landowners to manage oil and similar products on their properties and to help ensure that spills are not washed away into Long Creek.

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Coal Tar Sealant & PAH

Coal-tar sealants are a black liquid made from coal-tar pitch or crude coal tar that is sprayed or painted onto pavement. These products are used to maintain the black appearance of pavement, and reapplication is needed every two to five years to keep the desired look. Some believe the use of these products prolong the life of pavement, but this claim is not supported by data.

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Five "Good Housekeeping" Practices

“Good housekeeping” means using best management practices (BMPs) that help to ensure a reduction in the amount and type of pollution that enters waterways, catch basins, and ditches. Good housekeeping BMPs include a wide range of pollution prevention measures.  These five BMPs are quick and easy ways Long Creek landowners can pitch in.

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Stenciling Guide

Using stencils to mark the pavement around catch basins and other drainage infrastructure is an easy, effective way to remind us all that our actions could impact the environment. This helps to minimize the amount of dumping into the storm drains and reduce pollutants entering Long Creek.

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