Frequently Asked Questions


Below are questions and answers frequently asked by landowners. If you don't see the answer to the question you have please click the contact button and send us an email.

Assessments are based on the District's fiscal year which starts on July 1st. Landowner assessments are billed two times per year, the first half will be billed on July 1st and the second half will be billed on January 1st.

The Governing Board approves the budget for the next fiscal year each January. We will send you notifications of the budget on February 1st. Your individual assessments notifications will be sent to you by April 1st. It is the goal of the District to maintain flat funding for the operation of the District. 

Yes, when you receive your assessment notification in April, you are provided with instruction on how to ask for credits for maintenance you perform on your own. The process is simple we need a log of your maintenance activities performed during the previous calendar year.

If you have questions regarding billing or your landowner agreements please contact Chris Brewer;

for questions regarding your parcel, such as maintenance issues, erosion problems etc. please contact Scott Reynolds,

for questions regarding stormwater structures or redevelopment of your parcel please contact Troy Barry.