2017 Annual Report Available for Review

2017 Annual Report Available for Review

Each year, the Long Creek Watershed Management District (LCWMD) submits to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection an Annual Report of activities conducted during the previous calendar year. The Annual Report for 2017 is now available.

The Annual Report provides progress on such LCWMD programs as:

  • Construction projects: projects that have been completed, projects presently in design or under construction, and planned future projects;
  • Ongoing inspection and maintenance of stormwater treatment systems (which we call Best Management Practices, or BMPs) that are owned by the LCWMD;
  • Pollution prevention through maintenance activities including pavement sweeping and catch basin cleaning, including the qualities of debris removed from the system before it can enter Long Creek;
  • Results of the Annual Parcel Inspections performed at each Participating Landowner property, including a summary of common issues identified during these inspections that required corrective action;
  • Education and outreach opportunities, including Fact Sheets that were developed, communications with Participating Landowners, and conferences and meetings that were hosted to inform stakeholders and the public; and
  • Water quality monitoring, including continuous monitoring, collection of grab samples, and hydrologic (flow) monitoring.

We encourage members of the Long Creek community to read this Annual Report. Please contact LCWMD’s Executive Director Peter Carney (pcarney@restorelongcreek.org) with any questions.

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Post Date: Thursday, July 5, 2018 8:04 AM