April 2013 Currents

April 2013 Currents

Long Creek Watershed Management District Request for Proposals

Long Creek Restoration Project

Improving stream water quality and habitat 
Request for Proposals -- Long Creek Watershed Monitoring Project Description

The LCWMD desires to use the services of a qualified firm to provide ongoing water quality monitoring services within the Long Creek Watershed. Data collection activities occur under the following programs:

  • Hydrologic Monitoring
  • Continuous Water Quality Monitoring
  • Grab Water Quality Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Sediment Monitoring

A copy of the Request for Proposal -- Monitoring Services can be downloaded from the project website or requested from the CCSWCD by contacting Kate McDonald at 892-4700 or at kmcdonald@cumberlandswcd.org.

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on April 24, 2013 at 2:30 PM. See Request for Proposal -- Monitoring Services for details.

Chris Baldwin - Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) Engineer
Tamara Lee Pinard - LCWMD Executive Director/CCSWCD Stormwater Program Manager
Patrick Marass - CCSWCD Urban Watershed Coordinator
Kate McDonald - CCSWCD Project Scientist/Project Manager
(207) 892-4700
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