Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Approved

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Approved

The Long Creek Watershed Management District’s (“LCWMD”) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020) budget.

The Fiscal Year 2020 budget funds LCWMD’s implementation of the Long Creek Watershed Management Plan, of which the major activities for this fiscal year include: construction of the habitat restoration project for the Main Stem of Long Creek which is scheduled for this summer; the construction of a retrofit for a dry detention basin adjacent to Philbrook Avenue which is scheduled for construction in the early summer of 2020; inspection, maintenance, repair, and landscaping of structural stormwater Best Management Practices; implementation the Long Creek water quality monitoring program; pavement sweeping; catch basin cleaning; education and outreach activities; and administrative functions.

Annual assessments for Fiscal Year 2020 are again based on the same assessment rate of $3,000 per acre of impervious area, which has remained unchanged since LCWMD’s inception.  The collective annual assessments result in a projected Net Income of $1,544,114.97 for the fiscal year while projected Net Expenses are $2,390,805.01.  The projected Net Loss of $846,690.14, primarily related to the two construction projects scheduled to occur in Fiscal Year 2020, was anticipated and is covered by cash reserves.

Full details of the approved budget including a Budget Narrative, Profit and Loss Statement, and Projected Statement of Cash Flows are available on the District’s website: Fiscal Year 2020 Budget.

For more information contact: Peter J. Carney, Executive Director.

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Post Date: Monday, July 1, 2019 8:31 AM