Get to Know Your Long Creek

Get to Know Your Long Creek

LCWMD Board Takes a Tour of Several Long Creek Restoration Elements

The Long Creek Watershed Management District Board held its June 2016 monthly meeting at the Fairchild Semiconductor on Western Avenue in South Portland. After the Board meeting, something a little out of the ordinary happened: the members of the Board participated in a tour of several components of the Long Creek Restoration Project!

The field trip began with a tour of Fairchild Semiconductor’s own stormwater Best Management Practices, including a gravel wetland, a rain garden, and tree islands that replaced impervious parking lot.

Fairchild Rain Garden

Fairchild Semiconductor’s Michael Vail (a member of the LCWMD Board)

discusses the company’s perspectives on investing in water quality with other Board members.

After that, LCWMD Board members were given the opportunity to join an inspection in progress on Darling Avenue. They saw how catch basins located within the Long Creek Watershed are inspected, and the type of data collected from each inspection. Observations include making sure the structure is in good condition and noting any oil, debris, or evidence of pollution that may be present. Inspectors also record the depth of sediment (primarily dirt and sand, if any) located in the sump: basins containing sediment are scheduled for a cleaning to prevent that material from reaching Long Creek (and ultimately, Casco Bay!)

Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District Watershed Specialist Scott Reynolds

shows LCWMD Board Members Ed Palmer (Marriott Sable Oaks) and Curtis Bohlen (Casco Bay Estuary Partnership)

how catch basins in the Long Creek Watershed are inspected.

Once the 2016 Long Creek property inspections have been completed, more than 800 catch basins will have been checked! Inspections of properties participating in the Long Creek Restoration Project also include good housekeeping and pollution prevention elements, and are designed for the inspectors to engage directly with property owners. These inspections play a crucial role in both educating landowners and improving the water quality of Long Creek.

The future site of the Main Stem Restoration project was next on the tour, followed by the Gravel Wetland constructed by the LCWMD in 2015. The Board plans a similar field trip after another meeting in the near future.





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Post Date: Friday, July 8, 2016 12:50 PM