January 2014 Currents

January 2014 Currents

Long Creek 2014 Annual Meeting

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January 2014


Please Join Us!

3:00 - 4:00
  • Welcome and introduction of Board Members
  • Water Quality Update; overview of implementation projects and programs
  • Financial Overview
  • Awards Presentation

4:00 - 5:00

  • Social hour 
  • Staff will be available to answer questions and talk to landowners.


Sand vs. Salt


We have been having a difficult winter! With all of the rain, extremely cold temperatures, and freezing and thawing it has been extremely hard to balance public safety and protecting water quality.


It is perfectly appropriate to use sand or salt when maintaining your parking lots and walkways but there are differences in when you should apply each. Keep in mind that salt or salt blends are only effective to a certain temperatures (see table below). We strongly encourage pre-wetted or treated salt to reduce your application rates (Magic Salt™ is one commonly available brand of treated salt). When the temperatures are lower than the salt's effective range you should use sand to provide traction for cars and pedestrians. When you apply sand it should be swept up in the spring and disposed of (no dumping in catch basins or buffers).  


Lowest Practical Melting Temperature
Recommended De-Icing Application Rate
Magic Salt Liquid
-35º F 41 gal/acre 
Magnesium Chloride  -10º F .25 tons/acre 
Treated Salt (Magic Salt, Blizzard Wizard) -0º F  .3 tons/acre 
Sodium Chloride 15º F  .5 tons/

If you or your contractors have any questions about proper application of sand or salt please feel free to contact the Chris Brewer at the Cumberland County SWCD at 892-4700. 

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Post Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 12:39 PM