Long Creek BMP Tour a great success!

Long Creek BMP Tour a great success!

LCWMD recently hosted a tour of Long Creek to highlight excellent use Low Impact Development practices.

On August 31, 2016 LCWMD hosted a tour of Long Creek as part of the American Society of Civil Engineers/Environmental & Water Resources Initiative’s 2016 International Low Impact Development Conference. The conference drew professionals from around the nation, including engineers, consultants, attorneys, and municipal leaders. The tour was hosted by Peter Carney the new LCWMD Executive Director and Aubrey Strause and Scott Reynolds from Cumberland County SWCD.

From the moment everyone stepped onto the bus the tour began as Aubrey pointed out the number of miles they were passing that the Long Creek flowed. Stops on the tour included Colonel Westbrook Industrial Park, Sable Oaks Golf Club, Mall Plaza Shopping Center, and the Maine Mall Gravel Wetland located on Philbrook Ave. At each stop, Aubrey and Scott talked about key stormwater treatment projects that were put in place to help protect the health of the water in the creek. They also shared informative input on the different efforts put forth throughout the many years of the project, including both success stories and lessons learned. 

Both Aubrey and Scott received positive feedback regarding the insight they were able to provide, as well as for the tour as a whole. The tour itinerary, and all handouts, can be found here!



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Post Date: Monday, September 12, 2016 10:03 AM