Long Creek Currents - October 2015

Long Creek Currents - October 2015

Parking Lot Sweeping, Annual Property Inspections, Storm Update

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Parking Lot Sweeping

BMP Maintenance began targeted sweeping of parking lots this week. If your property is on the targeted cleanup list, Ron Broadhurst will contact you to provide a time frame for sweeping. Please contact Ron at (207) 400-7008 if you have questions about the sweeping schedule. 
We're also happy to answer your questions - call us anytime at (207) 892-4700.

Annual Property Inspections

Annual inspections of Participating Landowner parcels are scheduled to begin on Monday, October 5th. Scott Reynolds, Watershed Specialist, will look at infrastructure and treatment systems to ensure they are functioning properly and do not require maintenance. Scott will also check catch basins to prioritize the cleaning schedule. 

If you have any questions about maintenance of your Long Creek property, please contact Scott atsreynolds@cumberlandswcd.org or (207) 892-4700. We are happy to answer your questions, and you are always welcome to attend the inspection of your property.

Storm Update

Now that we are drying out from Wednesday's storm (and another may be on our doorstep) here's a brief update on how Long Creek fared. 

Good news! The stormwater treatment systems we have installed around the watershed did a great job and handled the storm effectively despite the local flooding. Scroll down for some photos of the systems in action.
Gravel Wetland at Colonel Westbrook

Multi-chamber system at Mall Plaza
Blanchette Brook stream restoration

Newly constructed gravel wetland behind the Maine Mall
Our sweeping contractor was out Thursday night sweeping up the debris left from the storm. Additional hot spot sweeping is scheduled to occur over the next couple of days.
October 2015
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