Main Stem Restoration Project Begins

Main Stem Restoration Project Begins

The Long Creek Watershed Management District is excited to announce the commencement of an in-stream restoration project for the Main Stem of Long Creek between Maine Mall Road and Foden Road.

Construction crews and equipment will be working in the stream corridor from now until the end of October. Major efforts include: removing excess fill; improving the stream bed; stabilizing the stream bank; creating habitat for aquatic insects and fish; managing invasive plant species; and establishing native plants along the stream corridor. The primary objective of the restoration project is to enhance habitat conditions for fish, insects, and other aquatic organisms as well as restore natural stream and floodplain functions such that Long Creek can ultimately meet and sustain its state water quality classification.

Below is a picture of the contractors installing woody debris into the stream channel to create habitat for the fish and aquatic insects.

Woody debris installed in the stream channel to create habitat for aquatic bugs and fish.

For more information about this project and the restoration of Long Creek, email the Long Creek Watershed Management District's Executive Director, Peter Carney, at or call (207) 894-4320.

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Post Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 1:10 PM