October 2012 Currents

October 2012 Currents

Long Creek update

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October 2012

Salt Applicators' Training Recommended for Long Creek Contractors 

All contractors operating in the Long Creek Watershed are encouraged to attend the Free Salt Applicators' Training at Portland Water District on November 20th from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Chloride is an identified issue in Long Creek. There is no way to remove it once it gets into the system. The only option is to reduce use. Fortunately, easily implementable techniques exist to reduce chloride use without decreasing level of service or needing expensive new equipment or alternatives.
Patrick Santoso from the New Hampshire Green SnowPro program will provide instruction on vehicle calibration, proper application rates, etc. for all snow plowing and salt application equipment. 
Landowners please instruct your contractors to attend the training on the 20th! This is one easy step you can take to help clean up Long Creek.
Any questions, please contact Kate McDonald at 892-4700.
Salt Applicators' Training
Location: Portland Water District, 225 Douglass Street, Portland
When:  Tuesday, November 20th, 9:00 - 12:30 p.m. 
Cost:  Free of Charge
Registration: contact Barb Welch at (207) 215-9110 or register online 

Landscaping RFP To Be Released 

An RFP for the maintenance of Long Creek's infrastructure is anticipated to be released the week of October 29th. The RFP will be posted to the Restore Long Creek website and advertised in the Portland Press Herald. An early November pre-bid site walk will be mandatory.


Hole-in-One for Environmental Stewardship: Sable Oaks Golf Course Receives Audubon Certification for Environmental Planning  

Sable Oaks' Staff worked together on October 16th to install native plants along Long Creek at Hole #13  
The Sable Oaks Golf Club golf course recently received certification in Environmental Planning from the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, an international program administered by Audubon International designed to help landowners preserve and enhance the environmental quality of their property. The plan was developed by Matt TenEyck, Golf Course Superintendent. Environmental Planning is the first of four steps a golf course must take to be recognized as a Certified Audubon
Ed Palmer, Marriott General           Manager, and Al Hardy, Sable Oaks' Landscaper and catalyst for course improvement
Cooperative Sanctuary.  


Given the amount of development surrounding Long Creek, Sable Oaks Golf Course represents some of the best available wildlife habitat in the watershed. Preserving that habitat and improving the water quality in Long Creek, made joining the Cooperative Sanctuary Program a win-win for both the watershed and the golf course. As TenEyck explains, "the long-term goal for Sable Oaks is to have the water cleaner when it exits the golf course than when it first came in." 


Sable Oaks' Staff worked together on October 16th to install native plants along Long Creek at Hole #13. FB Environmental designed the planting and worked with Sable Oaks on the Audubon certification process. Click here for an October 17th article that appeared in The Current.


Targeted Sweeping Continues This Fall 

BMP Maintenance has started the fall sweep of selected lots. This is a targeted sweeping program and does not include all lots in the Long Creek Watershed.

Ron Broadhurst (cell: 400-7008) will be coordinating with you to provide a time frame for your site to get vacuum swept.

Catch Basin Cleaning Update 

Given the intensive sweeping program throughout the watershed, Cumberland County SWCD staff have been inspecting catch basins to determine whether they need to be cleaned this year. Half of the inspections are completed and only about 20% of the catch basins were identified as needing cleaning this year. Catch basin cleaning, where identified, will occur in late November.

Site Inspection Update 

Annual inspections of Participating Landowner sites are ongoing and will be completed by the end of the year.
Reports were sent to landowners last April and of the issues identified, half have been addressed to date. If you have addressed issues flagged as part of last year's report, please provide an update to Kate McDonald. Inspections will note any progress.
Long Creek Restoration Project Website  
Tamara Lee Pinard                                                  Kate McDonald
LCWMD Executive Director                                    CCSWCD Project Scientist 
CCSWCD Stormwater Program Manager                 
(207) 892-4700               
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