Spring 2017 Long Creek Pavement Sweeping

Spring 2017 Long Creek Pavement Sweeping

Long Creek Pavement Sweeping Update

This is an update on the Long Creek Watershed Management District's initial pavement sweeping activities for this spring.  The District understands that the initial spring sweep is important to Participating Landowners, and we are working as quickly as we can to have the work completed. 

The District's contract with its prior pavement sweeping contractor expired in 2016.  The District has been working on two issues:

(1) working with Maine DEP and to refine the pavement sweeping program under which the District will operate over the next three years, and

(2) working to identify contractors that are willing and able to do the work. 

The sweeping program for the next three years has now been set.  A Request for Proposals for a long-term pavement sweeping contract has been issued. 

In the meantime, the District has been working on a stand-alone contract for the initial spring sweep this year. 

We believe we are very close to having a contract in place for the initial spring sweep and hope to provide an update to Participating Landowners in the next day or two. 

For more information contact: Peter J. Carney, Executive Director.




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Post Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 1:58 PM