Permit Information

Permit Information


Property Transfer

If you are purchasing a property that is covered under the Long Creek General Permit, transferring the permit is a simple process. The Participating Landowner Agreement is designed to transfer with the existing deed. Some tenants are also required to hold the permit instead of their landlords. New landowners or tenants are required to file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to be covered under the General Permit. The NOI form needs to be filed with the Maine DEP, the Long Creek Watershed Management District, and the municipality where the property is located.

New Development or Redevelopment

New developments or redevelopments that are over one acre can either join the General Permit as a Participating Landowner or obtain an Individual Permit. Properties permitted under the Individual Permit must be designed to meet Maine DEP’s Chapter 500 Standards, General Permit properties must provide stormwater treatment as well, however the level of treatment is reviewed and approved by the LCWMD. To acquire coverage under the General Permit please complete the following steps:

1. Landowner provides Perkins Thompson (Julie Ray: with the following information to complete the Participating Landowner Agreement (PLA) and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA):

  • Name of Participating Landowner;
  • Nature of Participating Landowner entity (sole proprietorship/partnership/corporation/limited liability company/real estate trust) and where organized;
  • Mailing address of Participating Landowner;
  • Physical address of the parcel;
  • Municipal tax map and lot number of the parcel;
  • Cumberland County Registry of Deeds book and page number for the parcel;
  • If less than the entire property described by the map and lot number and book and page is to be part of the General Permit and subject to the PLA, a Schedule A must be prepared by the Participating Landowner providing a legal description of the portion of the parcel that will be subject to the PLA;
  • Where the Participating Landowner is not the Record Owner of the parcel, the name and mailing address of the Record Owner; and;
  • Mailing information for notice under Section 16 -- the contact name and mailing address for the Participating Landowner and for the Record Owner, if any.

2. CCSWCD provides Perkins Thompson with Appendix B Initial Assessment form for each Landowner to incorporate into that Landowner's PLA;

3. Perkins Thompson provides specific PLA and MOA forms to each Landowner once information is provided by both Landowner and CCSWCD;

4. Landowner executes PLA and MOA (the latter before a Notary Public) and returns to Perkins Thompson for execution by Long Creek Watershed Management District Chair;

5. Perkins Thompson provides copies of PLA and MOA, executed by both parties, to CCSWCD and to Landowner and records MOA at Registry of Deeds.

6. Landowner completes and submits Notice of Intent to Maine DEP, CCSWCD and the municipality where the property is located.

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