Port Resources

Port Resources


This project was a redevelopment site, constructed in 2012.

Existing Conditions:

  • 5,995-sq. ft. building
  • 6,000-sq. ft. gravel building pad, and
  • Approximately 18,000-sq. ft. of associated parking/access/loading.

New development added:

  • Additional 25,000-sq. ft. building
  • Approximately 64,000-sq. ft. parking field and travel way
  • approximately 7,500-sq. ft. landscaped area.
  • Total additional impervious acreage for the new development: 2.21-acres. 
  • Total post-construction impervious on site: 2.92-acres of impervious, including two buildings, building pad, and associated parking and travel ways.

Stormwater Retrofits:

  • Area treated: 1.97-acres of 2.21-acres.
  • The systems includd:
    • Roof dripline for the building
    • Two underdrained soil filters 
    • One bioretention cell to treat runoff from parking areas.

The systems were all designed in accordance with Maine DEP standards.

Flood control for the entire Gannett Drive Business Park was achieved through the repair of a downstream detention basin. The repair also provided some treatment of runoff.


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