Spring Cleanup Starts Today

Spring Cleanup Starts Today

Spring has arrived early so the Long Creek Watershed Management District is excited to start the spring cleanup on April 1st.

Our pavement sweeping contractor, Maritime Farms and Land Management, LLC will begin sweeping roadways and parking lots on April 1st. The contractor will work overnight or very early in the day to minimize interference with your tenants, customers, patients, and visitors.

As a reminder to help prepare for the spring sweeping, please ask your winter maintenance personnel to check that your snow dumps are reasonably free of large debris, examples include concrete curbing, broken asphalt, and general refuse. Cleaning up large debris can take an excessive amount of time for our contractor, resulting in delays and potentially impacting other Participating Landowners receiving their spring sweep in a timely manner.

Our sweeping programs helps to remove sand, salt, grit, trash, and other debris from paved areas. They are an important part of the pollution prevention activities that LCWMD manages to maintain and improve the water quality of the creek!

For more information on pavement sweeping cleaning contact: Peter J. Carney, Executive Director.

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Post Date: Thursday, April 1, 2021 4:38 AM